One of the first projects I did with Tattoo Projects UNC Charlotte was also one of the best. This campaigns started with the above viral video that was sent to every member of the student body and faculty and it was played repeatedly throughout the day at Charlotte International Airport. This Emergency News feed interrupts normal programming with the home video and shocked newscasters. Soon after this video traveled all over the area virally the giant pickaxes began to appear all over the city and campus. Then we launched the traditional print and outdoor in perfect timing. The advertising went on to tout the schools actual claims and respected recognitions in every area.
I am proud to be the creator and WRITER of STAKE YOUR CLAIM concept. It fit perfectly with the Schools Sports mascot, The 49ers and tied into the reason we all want higher education. To stake our claim in the world. Establishing a consistent look and color scheme in every educational division proved to be daunting as time went on but when the client saw the results and the benefit of a consistent brand on every form of communication. The campaign evolved but never strayed far from the green and gold team colors and the bold, historic ties to the areas mining past.


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