Hostess is known for delicious delights that are indulgent, decadent and down right addictive. When the opportunity arose to pitch this recognizable brand with Tattoo Projects I couldn’t wait to get started. Recently, the brand has been reborn with new ownership and they wanted new ideas to restart in key markets.

Taking the position that everyone has the right to treat themselves occasionally and judging others for having a little snack that isn’t vegan or gluten free has gotten out of hand during this age of social media shaming. So we made Hostess the advocate of Freedom of Choice with the tagline Choice is Delicious. This campaign was not put into production (yet). The strategy, concepts, writing, scripts, design and imagery was all done by Chris Toth.

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15 seconds video concept

15 seconds video concept

15 seconds video concept

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A social media contest where fans send in their coolest selfies showcasing their creative ideas and style with their favorite Hostess snack. Highest rated image wins a Hostess party complete with media coverage.
We create a social media contest where fans send in their best ideas for A BRAND NEW HOSTESS TREAT! Ideas with a personal story that inspired the snack
are showcased and the best creation actually gets produced and put in the market! A new choice, a great story and plenty of publicity.
IN STORE What if we have fun with the personal choice of enjoying Hostess with privacy bags that can be used (and likely collected) to purchase your favorites without judgment from other shoppers or opinionated neighbors.

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