Everything has changed in advertising over the last few years except one thing. The need to make a real impression and it starts with a smart and distinct logo design.
While working on SuperClubs Resorts we felt the Hedonism Resort chain was in desperate need of a new logo as the current version was anything but wicked. The tagline “Be Wicked for a week” was the inspiration.
Capstan Agriculture developed and produced spraying accuracy that redefined application technology. How do we communicate this leap in capability? This is next level thinking compared to the competition. Partnering with Philip Longobardi of Next Step Studio we developed this graphic leaf and water drops to convey application precision. The simple clean type and design is unlike any other identity in the field.


 While consulting with Capsule Media in Miami on several projects an opportunity to build a new brand from the ground up came to us. The product was a premium level of health care with consistent branding and facilities.  The tagline, color palette, interior design, graphic treatments and photography style was developed for them including this logo. “Your primary choice in care” would provide healing from the moment you arrive with aroma therapy, sensory comforts like calming sounds of rainforests, a “well-tendant” who greets you upon arrival, as well as comforting home-like surroundings. Centrum was to set a new standard of healthcare for everyday people.



 Newport Advisors found many of their software clients had no way to easily allow employees to request time off. This created a time-consuming and tedious process for management to know who was off when and if they could afford to allow another person time off when requested. We began by deleting the name with a must have requirement of a smart url. After researching dozens of names we agreed lets keep it simple and easy to remember. TakeOff.Work was born. 

The logo was meant to resemble the simple on off button on mobile apps to capture how easy this app was to use for employees and administration. See the website and app at TakeOff.Work




American Vapor was in need of a design overhaul as the packaging and website had major readability and style issues. In record time I was able to completely redesign their entire lineup including logo, website, advertising and packaging.
The end result was quite striking in stores and sales immediately increased.
Jeff Lichtenstein entrusted me to rebrand is Boutique Real Estate Company that had allot of brand recognition in the area. Inspired by the intelligence and teamwork of a Dolphin Pod the name ECHO was both elegant and unique. The design needed to work without being overworked. The result is still being used today and his firm tripled in size and was named THE BEST REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE of 2020 and 2021.
Chat Chow TV creator Giovanny Gutierrez came to me with his is a mouth-watering video podcast concept where they go behind the scenes with the chefs, owners and mixologists of the food industry. After combining 2 initial designs we arrived to this graphic statement that also made a great video animation utilizing all the food icons still in use today seen at chatchow.com
Element is a technologically advanced luxury condominium residence in downtown Tampa Florida. While working with Ronin Advertising, I created this striking campaign from the concept the fact that the building actually recognizes you and activates art, music temperature and light preferences at your arrival. It literally became you. From the moment you stepped through the door you were immediately embraced in your preferred element. This simple and iconic idea came from the simple elements of windows and condo units and was used throughout the website and phone app.
Everglades on the Bay came to Tinsley Advertising while I was working there and the identity project had several designers submitting ideas. When my idea of using waves to create the simple EB to capture the locations aquatic name while harking back to its 60’s era history and deco roots from the original Everglades Hotel landed it was a design home run.
While working with Heather Schueppert on Brights Creek we found the perfect alliance of organization and started working as a team on additional projects including her own brand identity and website. She is a consultant that helps a client find the right message before they begin communicating through PR and advertising efforts. After several concepts we both agreed on this iconic use of one shape that evolves into a completely different letter only by reversing it. Find out more about Heather and her thriving business at evolutionstrategy.com
Fortress Safes created by Heritage Safe Company wanted something less historic for the new millennia of safe buyers. This simple direct concept conveys the shape of a strong safe complete with the center combination dial as well as capturing the letter F in one simple iconic graphic. Home Run!
Four Wine Guys was quite literally four good friends that bought small batches of wine that couldn’t be sold to the large distributors and sold them to smaller boutique wine collectors and retailers. Capturing the camaraderie between them and the pure joy of enjoying the search for great wines together was captured in this simple graphic that is more than glasses of wine. It’s the fun and laughter that goes with every great bottle of wine when shared with friends.
The Mississippi Gulf Coast had somewhat of an image problem as it seemed to be known as the place for lower income folks to vacation and gamble. Striking back to it’s great music legacy I designed this vintage style logo and wrote the perfect tagline
“The Soul of the South” . Utilizing the state, area and tagline in one cohesive shape allowed for all future advertising to be easy to keep consistent no matter how small the media.
Nail Lite is a ultra-real ultra-light siding product that was not only environmentally friendly compared to using real wood it was 50% lighter than the real thing and never needed painting or replacement. The savings in weight made installation much easier. The initial cost is higher than real wood, so the brand needed to convey prestige. This is a smart investment for the homeowner that plans to enjoy their home for many maintenance free years. The simple use of a N and L created a small structure and conveyed the very siding itself in a clean and unforgettable design.
This very high-end interior design firm was looking for a way to stand out in the world of thin san serif logos used by every other design group advertising in the same publications. Taking a look at their profession it only made sense to convey the three dimensional challenge they faces on every project. The use of negative space allowed this shape to be created using only one color making it practical as well as visually striking.
I learned more than words can describe while working as a Senior Art Director at Tinsley Advertising. So much so, that Creative Director Russ Slaughter entrusted me with the project of all projects, the redesign of the Agencies branding and everything that went with it. During the process no one could agree on which color was the best, so in the true diplomatic form that was Russ Slaughter, we utilized all three of the color options. Why not!?! To this day the agency continues to use this carefully thought out design.

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