Miami City Ballet 25th Season

While Creative Director at Turbulence Advertising and working side by side with Tom Moleta I created this striking approach to capture the energy and beauty of the ballet while telling the story of each of this seasons performances.

Romeo and Juliet, the classic story of forbidden love ending in suicide is displayed in flight here with the intent to capture the passion. Promethean Fire is the story of September 11th and the intentional destruction of the World Trade Center and thousands of lives. This powerful image was created by utilizing several photos from the performance combined here to tell the story. Miami City Ballet. 25 years of passion, captured by this impactful and emotionally engaging imagery.

Miami City Ballet 24th Season

Turbulence Advertising established the campaign SUPER HUMAN for the Miami City Ballet and during season 24 I took this brilliant brand position to a graphic novel / Superhero approach.
The look was bold, utilizing nothing more than actual dance images from real MCB talent.
A smart choice during tough economic times. With some creative manipulation of the client provided images I created a bold look that leapt off the page.

Each presentation received its own flavor of graphic novel treating the design as if it were the cover of a graphic novel. Strong color and retro graphics and fonts tied the campaign together while still allowing each Ballet to tell its own story.