Florida Keys and Key West

One of the best accounts I ever had the pleasure to work on was the Florida Keys. The client was simply smart enough to trust the people working for them and we created great work for them. During my 10 years of hard work at Tinsley Advertising I noticed this account had a lack of consistency. The first concept you see below became the standard while Jim Johnson, account director at the time, came to realize consistency was important. Every brochure, advertorial, co-op, print ad, poster and website was required to take this look. I may have created a bit of a nightmare as each piece demanded photo shoots and heavy retouching to create the authentic textured result. This wasn’t Disney World and these campaigns reflected it.

Campaign 2

This campaign was created to capture the true magic found in the keys. The real attractions captured with brilliant photos and clever headlines utilizing the inset map to convey where this true magic can actually be found.