Florida Grand Opera Members Brochure

Working with Tom Moleta of Turbulence Advertising, we set out to create an outstanding and consistent campaign of work on a shoestring budget. By utilizing affordable stock photography and clever retouching this monochromatic look was created to reflect the stage design for the entire season. This brochure combined a satin finish stock with metallic inks and the result was outstanding. An entire print, outdoor and online campaign was completed using the same look and imagery. You can see the campaign here.

Tinsley Advertising Brand Identity Signage and Stationery

tinsley     tinsley2

2 Tinsley-photo

I learned more than words can describe while working as Senior Art Director at Tinsley Advertising. So much so, that Creative Director Russ Slaughter entrusted me with the project of all projects, the redesign of the agencies branding and everything that went with it. During the process no one could agree on which color was the best, so in the true diplomatic form that was Russ Slaughter, we used all three. Why not! To this day the agency continues to use this carefully thought out design and it is still as classic as when I did it in 1995.

Bright’s Creek

Bright’s Creek is truly the best of civilization and an escape from it. I tagline I’m proud to claim as my writing as well as their advertising and collateral. This affordable brochure was sent to anyone who responds to the advertising. It had to be effective in conveying the upscale qualities, tell the entire story and yet be economically viable to produce and mail. This 16 page book accomplished it elegantly.

Europa Sports Nutrition Products

While consulting with Tattoo projects I designed this rich brochure for Europa Sports Nutrition Products. The company prides itself on a 100% athlete staff and it needed to capture a leading position in the marketplace and utilize actual employees in actual company facilities nationwide.