Cleveland Clinic

While working with Tinsley advertising the entire creative department pitched their best ideas for Cleveland Clinic. Our task was to announce their newest hospitals opening in Weston and Naples Florida that have the most advanced technology as well as a tremendous effort for care that is truly humane and caring. Private rooms, patient monitors and tubes hidden from sight in every room and decor that feels more like a high end hotel were implemented due to research that proves people get better sooner when they are comfortable. Rick Blitman coined the tagline WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS HUMANITY and this campaign was the direction chosen by Cleveland Clinic.

Traveling to London to produce the footage for the TV and creating the print imagery with the help from photographer Nick Veasy we created this stunning campaign that still stands out to this day. The direct mail consisted of an actual X-ray film of an arm in an envelope marked Xray, DO NOT BEND. It was touted as the most successful direct mail ever sent by the Cleveland Clinic. I managed all creative on the account through several campaigns for many years.

Campaign 1

Campaign 2