Bright’s Creek is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in one of the most recognized, sought-after regions to live in, play at, and retire to in the United States. With every option available including home sites and finished homes, homes for weekly rental, a members lodge with full accommodations, there is literally something for everyone. Golf, Equestrian, Biking, Hiking, and now even a “BMW Off Road Exclusion” using all wheel drive vehicles with instructors. The end product and message is always beautiful.


Bright’s Creek is truly the best of civilization and an escape from it. A tagline I’m proud to claim as my writing as well as all of their promotional materials and advertising. This elegant brochure was sent to anyone who responds to any of the marketing efforts. It had to be effective in conveying the upscale quality, services and all facilities yet still be economically viable to produce and mail. This 16 page book accomplished it all beautifully.