Joining the ACI brands in 2022, an initial review of all their divisions of products and services, it was immediately clear they needed a complete rebrand with proper brand architecture. It took a nearly 2 year process to get all 4 divisions united in a single brand logo design. Immediately following I began the important process of telling the story of what this unqiue mental healthcare offers that no other service in the world provides.

Instead of basing a patients entire mental care plan on a conversation, Amen Clinics uses SPECT imaging first to discover if the physical brain health is actually the issue and only then begins creating a customized plan for that individuals needs. This was the primary message and was a serious challenge to spread in this age of short attention spans. Social media and digital video ad campaigns was the primary method with support from testimonials and tradional medias as well.

Leading a full video team of 8, a design team of 6, email and social media managers and support teams and ad placement services, we managed to increase leads by 20% with the same advertising budget. Not only was the work more clear and consistent it was far more emotional and resonated with people looking for a way to GET BETTER. The collection here is just a tiny sample of years of dedicated effort, writing, design and guidance to get these important services on the track to real success.

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