Tennova Health Care System

BSG Partners, otherwise known as Beber Silverstein, brought me on board to pitch this new healthcare system that was a merger of several smaller hospitals now under one name, Tennova. Located in the Tennessee heartland they wanted to announce the new beginning of this new brand in a big way. Many agencies had already tried and failed to win this account.

Due to the creative directors (Joe Perz) excellent communication about this healthcare providers religious background known for better care, the fact this merger came with a much needed financial boost, the local community being absolutely crazed about football and that they already were working with Peyton Manning, the concept I delivered hit me like a ton of bricks. IT’S GOOD! So obvious, so simple, yet so profound. The hospital gained a new start and the message was positive and exciting. After providing dozens of images with different people that represented the local community shot at a low angles with arms up in the TOUCHDOWN sign, the idea was presented to the client. “SOLD” was the clients immediate response before our pitch even could be started.

This is a perfect example of when the right people and effort comes together great work can be created. “IT’S GOOD!” continues to be the Tennova Healthcare system mantra to this day and the response from employees as well as the community has been more than positive.